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Intuitive Ayurveda, Yoga, & Plant Medicine Integration

Donna Lanni

Natural Health Specialist

I am Donna Lee Lanni, a devoted Daughter of Source, and founder of Wisdom Medicine Yoga  and Ayurveda.


As a  64 year young  Plant Medicine Integration Facilitator, Ayurvedic Counselor, E-RYT yoga teacher/trainer, breathwork ceremony leader, and Kambo medicine woman, I draw from my wide range of academic degrees, certifications, and life long practices in order to walk the path of metamorphosis  beside you and to bear witness to the emergence of the newly claimed vision of yourself. 


I currently live in Samara Costa Rica, a protected space secluded in nature, dedicated to healing on all levels and serve in the preparation, navigation, and integration of plant and animal medicine ceremonies.


I am happily doing “the work” and I welcome you to join me on this journey.

Meet Donna
Why Ayahuasca

Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca healing targets deep seated emotional and psychological issues by clearing your subconscious mind, the body, and the energetic system of negative energies.

"We practice the medicine to return to the origin of creation and the origin of life."

Taita Juanito Guillermo Chindoy Chindoy


“There is no one more capable of taking care of people through the plant medicine integration process than Donna Lanni. With Donna's high vibration and warm, motherly, nurturing, hospitality, She is F#@king built for this S#%t!



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