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I am Donna Lee Lanni,
a devoted Daughter of Source

The DNA of seafaring Norsemen, earthy metal craftsmen, Irish farmers, proud warriors, fierce medicine women, midwives and healers runs through my veins.. I am a survivor  of complex childhood trauma  and have spent my life breaking the chains of generational trauma, depression, addictions, and codependency through the modalities of yoga, Ayurveda, breath work, martial arts, 12 Step programs, and counseling. My ability to transform these dynamics have most powerfully come through my work with master plant medicines (Ayahuasca), animal medicines (Kambo and Bufo) and fungi (psilocybin).


I am a certified Plant Medicine Integration Coach , a Kambo medicine woman as well as  a certified Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator.


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene (42 year practice), a 500hr ERT in Prana Vinyasa Yoga, a 500hr Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certificate, a 100hr Yoga Meets Dance certificate, and am an Ayurvedic counselor through the Narayana School of Ayurveda and Yoga Academy. I hold a 4th Dan in Shudokan Karate and a black sash in Five Animal Kung Fu through the International Karate Association led by Hanshi Charles Scott. I have been a successful business owner  (Heart Stream Yoga), and a yoga teacher trainer. 


More importantly, I am a long time student of life. I am a mother of 2 grown beautiful sons and have been a step parent to 5 more (now adult) children. I am a grandmother, have been a single mother, been married and divorced, and have lived a very full life so far.


The death of my greatest teachers  (my parents), the collapse of my relationships, and a reliance on numbing behaviors led me to venture from my Alaskan home to Costa Rica to drink the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Here, under the guidance of skilled shaman and teachers such as Taita Guillermo Juanito Chindoy, Taita Carlos Chindoy, Taita Luis Chindoy, Taita Jhon Alexander, Jairsagua Furativa Gacheta, Florentino Caicedo, Sara Saso, and Karina and Niko of PluginMind, I began the journey to discovering my true nature, truly loving and forgiving myself, and discovering the gifts that I have come here to share.


Divine guidance led me to buying a home in Samara, Costa Rica. The name “Samara” means “protected by God”. Casa Lanni is a protected space secluded in nature, dedicated to healing on all levels and the preparation, navigation, and integration of plant and animal medicine ceremonies.


Currently, I live in peace in my Samara  community with my 2 little geriatric dogs and have many friends that I call “soul family”. I am happy doing “the work” and I welcome you to join me on this journey.

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