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Tropical Leaves

Individual Plant Medicine Integration Sessions

Any substance or activity that places us in an altered state of consciousness (plant medicines, frog/toad, mushrooms, breathwork, meditation, ice plunges, etc...) can be a source of great transformation, and can be tools in which to guide and support the direction of our lives. 


These Divine states of consciousness are gifts that you give to yourself. The integration process serves to make these precious moments spent with medicine truly count. It is my goal as a certified Entheogenic Integration Facilitator to support you in preparing for, co-discovering the lessons received, and walking with you as you apply these lessons in a positive manner in your life moving forward. 


I come bearing many tools to help you. The daily lifelong practices of yoga, breathwork, Ayurveda, and meditation - along with the lessons embodied from my own life journey were the foundation of my service and offerings for many years. The deepening of my relationship with the medicines Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Huachuma, Kambo, Bufo, and Cannabis, along with the continued support of the practices of plant allies such as Mambé, Hapé, Ambil, and Tobacco have been key to the understanding of the process of integration work.


For 5 years I was dedicated to weaving of the practices with the medicines (over 100 ceremonies). But, found that I needed more tools to help myself and others move into the process. It was then that I embarked on Entheonation’s Plant Medicine Integration Specialist Training, a 10 month intensive training program that offered studies in many modalities from legacy pioneers of the integration process. From ethics and harm reduction, pharmacology, forgiveness, NLP, IFS, somatic practices, space holding and trip sitting (just to name a few), the 10 months unfolded into massive self care and self discovery into my own process of healing. My continued work with Atira Tan in Somatic Plant Medicine Integration has been truly life changing and is a powerful process in the lives of those I have touched with this work.


I am honored to walk this path with you and am offering sessions for $60 for a 75 min appointment, either by Zoom or privately in my home.

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