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Tropical Leaves

Deep Dive Medicine Integration

A beachside oasis in Playa Buena Vista, Costa Rica providing you with a safe & holistic space while you are experiencing plant medicine healing.

My offerings are simple and deep these days. I am opening my space to you… the seeker, who are in search of a way to transform your current reality into one that serves yourself, your family, and your community in a more healthy and aligned way. Through the use of meditation, discussion, education, plant allies, plant steams, Kambo, breath work, yoga, and an Ayurvedic dieta that supports our journey, we will prepare for the entheogenic ceremonies that call to you and best support your growth. I will deliver you to the ceremony space and into the hands of powerful medicine healers. There, I will  support your experience according to our agreements.


Integration following will include relaxation in nature, a continuation of supportive lifestyle protocols and diets, a deepening into plant allies, and discussions about concrete steps in which to move forward. One follow up integration call will be included in the cost of attending this program.

I have 2 beautiful bedrooms  rooms complete with AC each with a queen sized bed. The two rooms share an ample sized bathroom so this offering is for small groups and individuals.

There are many healing modalities located in Samara. Ice baths, breath work ceremonies, reiki, design map, and integrative massage - just to name a few. Surfing, touring and deeper excursions into nature are also available at a separate cost.


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"Plant medicines do not stop working once the ceremony or retreat is complete. Working with psychedelics and plant medicines can start a healing process deep within our souls that can take months or years to complete."
Atira Tan

$1700 per person

Entire Integration Process Includes:

Discovery call

6 nights deep dive into my sacred home space
2x1hour long preparation and intention setting calls (value $200)
Transportation to and from medicine
2-3 Kambo sessions prior to medicine (value $300-$450)
Daily Yoga/movement on the porch or beach
1 private or public Breathwork Experience
Ayurvedic Analysis (value $300)
1 post-medicine in person Somatic Integration Session
1 post-return Integration Session

(Additional days cost : $108/day and includes 2 meals/day)

The above cost does NOT include:
Transportation to and from airport
Additional tours
In-town transportation


Another offering with flexible dates can be discussed.

Contact me at or +1 (907) 978-0915 to book your stay at the Casa Lanni Integration Station.

Tropical Leaves

"Howling monkeys, coconut water, fresh fish, curries cooked to perfection, and golden milk drinks to relax in the evenings... the sun, the pool, the healing waters of the Pacific Ocean make a lovely backdrop for Donna and her husband, Ronnie’s, healing home. Their home is welcoming and loving.

This little oasis is on the edge of a turtle sanctuary, silhouetted with incredible views, beaches to watch the sunset... a spiritual oasis to rest while the world is on fire with worry and fear. I plan to return again and again for Donna's guidance and the incredible joy of the Costa Rican people. I am changed forever."

— Annie

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