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Tropical Leaves

Integration Station Circle Gatherings

The Integration Station meets two times monthly.


The New Moon Circle focuses on education and sharing, runs 2 hours, and includes tea and snacks. Contributions are welcome but not necessary.


The Full Moon Circle focuses on intentions, experiences, and the application of the psychedelic experience to daily life. It also includes a plant bath, Hapé or Mambé, and tea and snacks. This usually runs 3 hours and contributions are 10,000c or $20, but not required.


Integration Station is a confidential, inclusive, sober space dedicated to navigating and understanding psychedelic and plant/animal medicine experiences through the process of integration. Anyone from experienced travelers to people new on the journey are welcome to join and for those that support others on the path. We’ll meet at Casa Lanni near Playa Buena Vista. Tea and light snacks will be included. A zoom link can also be provided for those who would like to attend virtually.

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