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The cornerstone of Ayahuasca healing is shadow work: healing deep seated emotional and psychological issues by clearing your subconscious mind, the body and the energetic system of negative energies.


"No matter what a person is addicted to - eating, shopping, sex, drugs - each addicted person harbors a deep pain which they may or may not be in touch with. The plant removes the self-created barriers to get in touch with the source of that pain, so you realize what you’ve been running from all your life." - Gabor Maté


"Yagé makes you smooth and deeply caring for others as well strong and powerful. This strength arises out of the lack of thoughts and erratic emotions due to the cleansing of internal issues. Somehow it is like everything gets resolved internally, complete understanding of the issues brings peace and a desire to live life to the very most possible." - Leo Cordero


"We practice the medicine to return to the origin of creation and the origin of life."


Taita Juanito Guillermo Chindoy Chindoy

Benefits of Ayahuasca Healing...

Ayahuasca improves mental health - Not only has Ayahuasca therapy been linked to a reduction in symptoms related to depression and anxiety, but it may also induce a biological effect on specific brain areas that impact these conditions, the insula and amygdala.

Ayahuasca has healing powers - People who have participated in Ayahuasca ceremonies sometimes report psychological healing from childhood trauma and unconscious psychological distress through increased insight and reflective capacity on the lessons learned from this experience.

Ayahuasca can help provide a different mind set - It can induce a sense of hope, confidence, and promote feelings of empowerment. It can also make you more mindful and connected to self, others, and the environment.


"Do not let the emotion of the moment block your vision. Be sure to think beautiful thoughts. To speak beautiful words. And to act in beautiful ways. The greatest prayer any of us can offer to life is how we treat ourselves, others and the earth. Your daily walk is your greatest prayer."

- Taita Juanito

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