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Ayahuasca Retreats

Experience the deep liberation and release of Ma Ayahuasca and her plant allies.


Plant medicine ( Ayahuasca) is calling out to individuals in these times of change and many ceremonies are being held locally and within a 2 hr drive from my home. The larger retreats and medicine centers are wonderful but not often affordable which is why these smaller ceremonies are becoming more appealing. Preparation for these 1-2 night ceremonies  usually consists of  written instructions that require strict dietary planning and RX medication restrictions and detoxification. Preparing for plant medicine (Ayahuasca) can therefore seem overwhelming as one is stripped of all substances that numb the senses.



It has been my experience that breath work (varying types of pranayama), integrative yoga, meditative techniques, diet and immersion in nature is the best way to support the body, mind and spirit pre and post Ayahuasca journey . Discussions regarding the journey with this Master plant medicine help to sooth the factor of fear that can arise when the lessons unfold. Setting  goals and intentions and learning to ask Ma Aya questions to accelerate your desired growth are also helpful as is becoming familiar with plant allies such as Rapé ( sacred tobacco snuff), Ambil, Mambé, and bitter and sweet baths. Living in ritual, living in community, and moving with the rhythms of nature all prepare the seeker for this most exceptional, life changing experience.

To continue to carry this lifestyle forward at least 3 days after the ceremony experience is completed , helps you to ease into your “old” life with more awareness, complete with tools to reinforce the positive change that you desire to experience.



* Pre-Ceremony Accommodations
* All Meals

* Transportation to and from Ceremonies
* Daily Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation
* Guided Mindfulness Experiences in Nature
* Introduction to Plant Allies
* Talking Circles and Sharing
* Painting & Art Supplies for Inspired Artwork
* Ample Time for Reflection, Journaling, Inner Work
* Post-Ceremony Accommodations



* Pre & Post Massage and Integrative Body Work (highly recommended)
* Surf Lesson & Board Rental
* Bicycle Rental or Local Transportation of Choice  

Palm Trees Beach View


Maximum group size of 6


Cost: $85/night for each participant

Not included: Cost of ceremonies ~ $170-220/night depending on ceremony leader; Gas share to longer distance ceremonies appreciated.


Dates: Depending on local ceremony schedules

For more information, or to reserve your spot: Contact Donna at

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