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Trust is Love - A Message from The Medicine

February is notoriously noted as the month of love with Valentines Day marking the bullseye mid month point. And, as I knock my arrow and stare down the bow to take aim, I find myself again looking into the mirror… at a target so alive in front of me. Where can I aim the arrow to open more of myself? How can I more fully express love to myself and others on a daily basis… not just in February, but EVERY day? The greatest love of all is the love that we give to ourselves that is in union with the love that is held for us by Source. Without this love, we cannot give love to another. The arrow misses its mark and the love is distorted. Self love, forgiveness, and acceptance of who we truly are is built upon and supported by TRUST.

In Huachuma medicine (sacred cactus-Grandfather master plant medicine) led by Wachan, I was reminded of an image of myself as a young child being taught to float on my back by my grandmother. At first, I bent in half looking all around. Then she put her hand at my back and supported my head from under the water. She stared into my eyes and told me how much she loved me. I trusted. And when she slowly removed her hands, I trusted myself as the rise and fall of my breath corresponded to the rise and fall of my body in the water. The love of my grandmother and the trust in myself and the Divine to keep me afloat linked these two concepts of trust and love.

Plant medicines and extraordinary psychedelic experiences are not for everyone. They are a tool to help us remember who we are and how much LOVE there is for us and that each waking moment, both beautiful and painful, are all about love.

I have chosen Huachuma medicine for my past three plant medicine experiences. It is a heart opener and considered a “gentle giant” in the plant medicine world. It has a rich and ancient tradition and the medicine family that I am currently working with comes from a long line of service to this medicine. The Willkasara Medicine Family of Peru has been serving the spiritual community around the globe for over 50 years through workshops, spiritual retreats, personalized healing sessions, and Plant Medicine Ceremonies. The Willkasara Medicine family's mission is to guide each person back to themselves and uncover the healer within. In order to achieve that mission, we must liberate ourselves from trauma, addictions, losses, and any obstacles that do not allow us to transcend and move forward in our spiritual growth.

Participating in these ceremonies has been a welcome contrast to drinking Ayahuasca. The medicine is served during the daytime and is very subtle yet powerful. Group activities such as dancing and singing are led by Wachan and sharing is encouraged during the group check ins. You are encouraged to stay hydrated and eat a little fruit during the ceremony and the medicine itself tastes mild in comparison to Ayahuasca.

This same family will be traveling to Anchorage this Summer and from there I will bring them up to share their powerful “gentle giant” in Fairbanks. I look forward to sitting in community with you with an open heart. ❤️🙏🏻

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