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Ayurveda Workshop

January 21st, 2022   ~   OM Jungle Medicine

Ayurveda, the ancient body, mind and spiritual health system of India, directly translates as the “knowledge of life”. This  scientifically systematic system (much like Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM) has at its’ foundation the concept that all things are created as a blend of the five elements Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. We, as humans, fit into the web of life both individually and collectively. To understand ourselves through the lens of Ayurveda, even to a small extent, helps us move through the world with increased health, harmony, and balance with ourselves and the world around us.

This one day workshop will include:

Dosha worksheet - This short form, filled out throughout the day, will help you to discover your unique blend of elements (Prakruti)  and perhaps the elements that may be out of balance (Vikruti).

9-11 am - All-levels Ayurvedic yoga and Breathwork practice and introduction.

11am-12pm - Free time at OM Jungle Medicine. Relax by the pool and relish the beauty of this special retreat center.

12-1pm - Ayurvedic lunch - Enjoy a nourishing crafted meal prepared by OM’s own chef Katerina, and specifically designed by Donna to satisfy all Elemental types (Dosha) and to include all tastes (Rasa).

1-1:20pm - Post Digestive Yoga Nidra  - This short meditation process will enhance digestion and improve learning.

1:30-3pm - Discussion ~ Now that you have “embodied ” a little Ayurveda, let’s  help your general understanding become more clear! We will discuss Dosha, Ayurvedic lifestyle, and diet answering questions in an open informative discussion.

Your river guide is Donna Lanni 500eRYT, Ayurvedic Counselor, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and B.S. DHYG. Donna has practiced yoga for 45 years and has taught for over 30. She has studied, assisted and mentored under many master teachers including Dr. Visant Lad,  Dr. Monica Groover, Shiva Rea, Maria Garre, and Monica Mesa and co-owned Heart Stream Yoga in Fairbanks Alaska for 9 years.  She is currently the owner of Wisdom Medicine Yoga and Ayurveda, plant medicine based integration through the lens of Ayurveda.

Cost for full day Ayurveda immersion: $60

Virtual Options:

Join me online from the day retreat at OM Jungle Medicine for a nice deep comprehensive Ayurvedic practice that you can access on your own time. Attend live from 9am-11am CR time ( 10am EST) or just play it back when you want to! Cost $20


Attend the Yoga Nidra/lecture/discussion portion of the retreat from OM from 1-3pm CR time (2-5pm EST). Attend virtually via Zoom or access the content at your leisure. Cost $20

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