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Ayurveda & Yoga Consultations

Dive deeper into Ayurveda & Yoga with me with a private one-on-one consultation to help guide your individual experience

Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation

This comprehensive, 3 part consultation will cover and address your primary three health and well-being concerns. It will consist of 3 appointments. The first will be an in-depth intake appointment gathering information from you through the lens of Ayurveda. You will leave with simple lifestyle suggestions at your first appointment! At your second appointment, you will be given a complete set of  yoga, breath work and lifestyle practices as well as suggested herbal compounds tailored to address your needs. The third will be a follow up appointment.

Total Cost: $325

Additional follow-up 1 hour appointments will cost: $100

Please contact me directly to schedule your initial or follow-up consultation.

Private Yoga Session

Need a little help getting started? Want a private breath work practice session?  Or, wanting to feel more energetic or aligned in your asana practice? Let me help you! I will pull from all the trainings and lineages that I hail from to give you my best advise and personalized service.


Please contact me directly to schedule your private session.

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