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Yoga Classes

LIVE & ONLINE yoga offerings with me

Yoga on My Lawn!

NO SET TIME OR DAY (I'm literally choosing the most beautiful, sunny day of the week and will update you on the day & time on my Facebook & Instagram pages -- follow me for live updates!)

Join me for an outdoor yoga practice that evokes freedom of movement, creative ideas, and AHIMSA... (nonviolence and acceptance for all). This is an all-level (which means no yoga experience necessary) , donation based, family friendly, dog friendly (if they are chill with little dogs)... all-the-friendlies practice. I will do this one time/week and the days will vary depending on the weather. I set up an alter space so that you can place your OWN intention into your practice. So, place something on the alter if you like and have it “charge up” with the body prayers of our group consciousness. There is also an option to stay a bit afterwards and share food. We look forward to your presence and your beautiful energy!


I will also be recording these practices live via Zoom for those of you who don't live locally. Click the button below to join the Zoom class!

Donation-based practice. Cost is variable due to our variable times:
$0: if you can afford nothing
$5-10: if you can afford something
$15-20: if you can afford full cost

Proceeds are being donated directly to hard-hit economic communities.

Cash, PayPal, or Venmo accepted. Thank you!

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